Accessories for booklovers

Today I’m reflecting on the pleasure of reading, and the literary accessories that go with it:

1. The Book Seat

You’ve never heard of The Book Seat? You are missing out in a big way. It’s like a mini-bean bag to hold your book or e-reader. My Kindle loves it. I’ve had the ‘Cinnabar Red’ book seat for years, however I made the mistake of over-praising it to my husband and gave him mine “to borrow.” It never returned. A second book seat was purchased soon after.


2. Kindle Case

Yes, it was pricey, and yes, it is beautiful. It has names of cities etched into the cover and the texture feels wonderful. I’m generally fussy about book covers, and given this is representing ‘all the books’ in my e-collection, it has to be something I adore.

Kindle Case Verso Artist Series

3. ‘what i read’

A seriously small book, perfect for jotting a few notes on the books that I’m reading. I jot down things that I believe worked or didn’t work for each read, as checkpoints for my own writing. It fits nicely into my red handbag; there’s definitely a theme going on here.


4. goodreads

This is my favourite ‘virtual’ accessory. I love the range – there’s lists, quotes, trends, activities, personalised bookshelves, authors, people to follow, awards, widgets, and a really good newsletter. The reviews are fun; the love/hate relationship that people form with books is fascinating.



I collect loads of these, courtesy of friends, bookshops and The Book Depository (who, when they put a shout-out for people to design their own bookmarks, they received 4,000 entries). You can go see the talented works of the winning illustrated bookmarks.

  If there’s a bookish accessory that I have not included here, please educate me.

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